Organ Tours

Organ study tours in Germany and abroad have been taking place regularly
since 1974 under the direction of Hans Uwe Hielscher.

Organ Tour (Wetzlar)

Friday, 9 June 2023

Altenberg nr. Wetzlar (Abbey Church), Schöler organ 1757
Wetzlar (Cathedral), Beckerath organ 1955
Castle Braunfels (Castle Church), Syer/Rassmann organ 1768/1900

Travel costs: € 70,- per person
This includes the coach roundtrip, the detailed tour brochure,
all guided church and organ tours and organ recitals
as well as costs and donations for the hosting parishes.

Information and registrations:
Hans Uwe Hielscher
Ev. Marktkirchengemeinde
Schlossplatz 4
65183 Wiesbaden

Phone: 0176 - 56 90 11 12

You are firmly registrated if you have sent back the registration form
and transfered the travel cost amount to the following bank account (H. U. Hielscher):

IBAN No.: DE56 5105 0015 0111 1302 21


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